Men Feminine

The power to change

You do have the power to make changes and they do not have to be permanent. You can have that vagina and keep your penis, yes I know this sounds too good to be true. You might be surprised at how many men would love to have both! Our Men Feminine site is here for one purpose and that is to show you how to redo your penis to look completely like a beautiful vagina in two different flavors. The smooth pussy look and the camel toe look. There are many ways to arrive at either one. We are about reshaping the penis non-permanently though we understand there are men who wish to have their penis removed. With our designs you can get a feel of what it is actually like to be feminine, to have a vagina. This is great for men that are transitioning into females and for men who are interesting in exploring their feminine nature.

Pussy style swimsuit

Your guide to becoming feminine.

Men Feminine in tights, bikinis, thongs and sweet skin tight short shorts.

I find it both wonderful and incredible that any man can now have the full men feminine experience with these exciting new male to female transformation designs. You can try a pair of tights that can be used for workouts or for hitting the clubs. They offer men the total vagina look front. The same goes for all the new swimwear designs created for a fun day at the beach yet completely changing your sex to female where your penis was once located. These creations still blow me away and I have been wearing them for the last two years. I was ordering my swimwear for Koala when they first introduced (many will say invented) the male to female transformation line of swimwear and underwear.

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Investigating Men Feminine Clothing

Most of the men feminine clothing that you will find these days is centered around making guys look like females. Still, there are some items available on the market that are a bit subtler in appearance. These items allow a man to feel feminine without making him look like a dude in a dress walking down the street.  While some guys might enjoy looking like that and having the feminine feeling in a complete sense, there are some that would prefer to keep the manly look about them and still have the feminine feeling during the day. This comes in quite handy for professionals that need to keep up an outward appearance but still want a little bit of kinky fun going on under the suit and tie. You can find these men feminine items all over the internet and there are plenty of reviews that you can read through if something catches your eye as you do not know how it will fit into your life right now.

Men Feminine or Men Masculine?

When most people think of men, they picture strong, muscular, bearded lumberjack guys who chop lumber, shoot straight whiskey, hunt deer, and look burly next to their log cabin. To some men, these initial stereotypes are the ideals. However, others like their men feminine. The latter are the men who may hold qualities or interests that are stereotypically female. They may like to shop, gossip, or dress in skirts and heels. Physically, feminine men can have slim hips, or an hour glass figure. They can have full lips and high cheek bones. Some feminine men may also shave their body hair. Feminine or masculine men are not better than one another. It simply depends on preference. Oftentimes, the two opposite types of men wind up attracting each other. There does not have to be male and female roles in every relationship. Therefore, sometimes feminine men stick to their own type. When deciding which type you like more, as a prospective mate, it will largely be decided by which is more physically attractive to you. However, for long term relationships, you need to consider the traits and interests you have in common with each type and which one will understand you and your needs. Although there are two main types, everyone brings something different to the table!