Men Feminine

Male to Female Transformation

Swimwear, Underwear, Tights, Shorts and more all made in the USA and designed to repurpose the penis into the shape of a vagina

Your guide to becoming feminine.

About Us

Men Feminine

There are many different web sites for feminized men, sissies, crossdressers and transgender people looking to make changes. Men Feminine is an extremely targeted site that is strictly about one aspect of interest to the men listed above but also to many gay, straight and bisexual men who are interested in getting in touch with their feminine side. We are all about the repackaging of the penis. We offer many exclusive designs all created by Koalaswim and all made in the USA. These are swimsuit styles, underwear styles, tights and shorts that have been created to transform. We offer a number of sexy solutions with our most popular being transforming the shape of the penis into a beautiful little camel toe look vagina. Our looks are not only stunning a beautiful they are extremely realistic. In addition to the lip look we have designs that create the completely flat pussy look too. Men Feminine will be your guide to the new and exciting world of male to female transformation.

Men Feminine Items

For those guys who love men feminine items, they are going to love going on shopping ventures to places like Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s. It might be better to shop at Frederick’s if you are a bit of a larger man because they sell plus size garments including lingerie and sexy club dresses. Smaller men can easily find what they need and like in Victoria’s Secret because they can wear the sizes offered there. There are also places that sell feminine items in department stores that come in sizes that guys can wear and look quite sexy. Makeup is simple to find and buy. This is also true regarding wigs and shoes. Shopping for those items is truly a great experience for the men who are trying to get in touch with their feminine side and they look forward to doing it as often as possible. Nothing is more fun than feeling that womanly vibe.