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Here at Men Feminine we will try to help you navigate the new world of male to female transformation. It is much more out in the open now than it has ever been. These are exciting times for people transitioning, for men interested in being in touch with their feminine side, for Transsexuals looking to create unique and lovely looks in fact for men who are question what gender is at all. Many of us feel we are male and female. We specialize in male to female transformation clothing. We are all about creating vaginas in place of penises while using the penis to become a reshaped vagina. It is all at once interesting, erotic, beautiful and exciting. Feel free to ask us any and all questions regarding transformation wear.


The Boys at Men Feminine

Men in panty hose

One of the best nights of my life happened a few years ago when I was taken to a party that had nothing but men in panty hose walking around. I was in fact the only guy there that was wearing normal clothing and I felt extremely out of place. Every guy that I looked at was wearing some kind of panty hose and they seemed to be extremely happy with that. I was quite nervous and slightly scared for the first hour or so, but I eventually got into the habit of not looking down all the time. Once I realized that all these guys were normal except that they were men in panty hose, I was able to hold on some great conversations, even meeting a couple guys that would help my career in the future. The funny thing is that I was having so much fun at that party that when I got invited to another one a week later, I jumped at the opportunity. I even asked if I should wear some panty hose as well since everyone else was wearing them. They said I didn’t have to, but I know better than that. If I am going to party with these guys than I am going to have to buy and wear my own panty hose too.